The way I work

When I want to begin with a new drawing, I start with thinking.
What do I want to show? What not? What does a tree actually look like? And ants? And a puddle? And how can I show a puddle without actually drawing a puddle? How does reflection work?

When I’ve thought it through, I start. But because I do not work with a pencil, only with a pen or with ink, I can’t make changes after I drew something.

Making a mistake is starting the whole thing all over again.

This sometimes makes me stop in the middle of a line to draw something else, so the line that comes in front of the other is not crossed by the other line. I sometimes see it as a game; who is smarter, me or the drawing? And sometimes, I lose.

But today, I won. And this is the result, one of the drawings for the children’s book (detail).



© Edda Grol ‘Titel nog onbekend’, 2013


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