The drawings I make are in black and white. But because they are made for a children’s book, I want them to have some colour in it. Today I started with the first one, a printed copy of a drawing. Only when I am really satisfied with the colors I will fill them in in the original.

I started with the thing I knew how to color:  the coat and the boots and also the pink flowers on the scarf. But everything else was unknown.

Usually I am very scared of using color in my work. I wear black and purple almost everyday and a lot of colors don’t appeal to me. So I wanted to colour very boldly in this exercise, just to see if it would work. Here’s the result:


Not very hard to  imagine that I don’t, don’t, DON’T like this!! Too bitchy, too bright, too loud, just too colourful!! It draws attention to all the wrong places: the wall, not important, the yellow coat, not even in the story, the green bench, why?!!

I know this is my own fault, but I don’t have a good eye for a lot of color at once, I guess. I compensate that with a good view on composition, I lot of imagination and I steady hand.

So I tried again, in a colour scheme of only 3 colours: red, pink, green/greenish blue. Here are the results:



This is much better. The bright jacket with the pink stars draws your attention to the most important thing in this picture: the red jacket, the puddle underneath the boots and the dripping from the jacket. When you look further you will recognize other things from the book (when you have read it, it will be there soon, online): the scarf with the flowers, the rain coat from father, the window in the door.

What do YOU think is best?  


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