Cherry Blossom

Today, I tried something different. I usually draw with a pen, a fineliner. And that kind of pen always stains in combination with paint or water. But today I wanted that!

I am kind of obsessed with mortality or death, or both. To cross over to the other side, die, be reborn or to just disappear is such an interesting thing I just cannot get it out of my head. In fact, my exhibition is about dying, crossing over to ‘the other side’.

I have been to China this year. A lot of parks have cherry blossom in their gardens. Cherry blossom is mostly associated with Japan, but in China you can find it a lot in the South. It has a special bond with mortality, in that way that de Japanese think life is like cherry blossom: pretty, but short blooming.

The cherry blossom can be white, pink or a dark fuchsia. I loved the almost-white ones, with a pink undertone. First I drew a flower with black fineliner, and put some pink over it. Then some white, to make it more fragile. It made me think of baroque or rococo flowers!


After that I started to draw a branch in fineliner, also the red:


I filled it with white and blended it, to make it soft. If you look closely you still see the little lines of the branches through the paint!



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