When I went to Mongolia, last year, I didn’t fail to visit Yoliin Am, the Valley of the Vultures in the Gobi Desert.

During wintertime, when we were there, the valley is grey and brown, with a frozen river in the middle. During the summer, the valley is green and lush, but the river stays frozen all the time. We walked across the ice to the place where the waterfall, also frozen, came out of the mountain.

What impressed me the most of Mongolia was the emptiness. Of everything, everywhere. Or at least, the emptiness you expirience the first moment. When you look closer, everything is filled with colors, from stone and rock, with sounds of wind or sand brushing against the rocks, with pointy bushes trying to survive in this harsh climate.

Of course I made a lot of photographs, a selection you can see here:

TME 2013 Mongolie

TME 2013 Mongolie

TME 2013 Mongolie

TME 2013 Mongolie

But I want to capture Mongolia in drawings. As you can see in my other work, I love lines. Black and white, simple forms. And Mongolia is about lines, about the horizon, the rocks, the shadows and the ice.

So I made this:

Mongolie 1

Mongolie 2

Mongolie 3

all works and photographs made by Edda Grol, 2013/2014.


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