The number is three

In the space where I will have my exhibition, there is room for three series of work. One of the three series to exhibit is clear. My artwork for the children’s book, with text and drawings, combined or separate. I know what I want, but not in what form.

The other two are not so easily chosen. Polaroid, yes, but what series? Drawings, yes, but what series?!

So I made more… What else could I do? If I cannot choose, I have to make more to choose from, is my twisted idea. Maybe then it will just come to me and I don’t have to choose at all.

Here are some of the polaroids I made in Barcelona. This is not how they will end up, I made them with a special thing in mind. But that has to wait until the exhibition, sorry 🙂


All the works on this page are made by Edda Grol


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