And there was colour

Today I started coloring in the drawings for the children’s book. Because I work with acrylic, I don’t use a lot of water, but still I wanted to give the drawings a transparancy, that you often only get with pencils or aquarel/water paint. Also, there is always a possibility of bulbing paper after painting it and the fineliner I used, stains when it comes into contact with water. 

So I was a bit afraid. Cold feet, you could say. What if I painted the whole thing only to discover I could throw my work out?

I started ‘mildly’, making a bit of a colour scheme to use in the drawings. Only a few colours are to be used. Blue, which could be used with a bit of green, and crimson red (a pinkish red), combined with a bit of orange. Yellow was too hard, you can see it on the colour schemes on the pictures. White and black are always optional.

Of course I can make almost every colour with it, but it has to fit in a scheme, you feel is connected to each other. So I will blend every colour with a bit of the other colours. The colour is new, but on the base there was a familiar colour used.


Here you can see the colours I mixed (don’t mind the arrows, just for fun): Afbeelding




Here you can see the result. Halfway and the end. Some of the things stay white on purpose:





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