Just 2 days to go!

Tomorrow is the last day to dot the i’s and cross the t’s for the exhibition, opening on Wednesday the 5th of March. So soon already! The last few months flew by.

Because my art today is so different from my art a year ago, I had to go through a lot of changes. With the changes came the insecurities, the impossibility to choose between the average, the interesting, the bad and the excellent. What has potential, what is a dead end? And why? And what is my concept? And do I need a concept?! And if not: is it good enough not to have a concept?

Some weeks ago I became very scared. What was I thinking? Wanting to exhibit completely new work, it would feel so naked! I had made some work, even shown on the invitation, that I completely destroyed, because I knew it wasn’t good enough…

Because of all this I have grown. I suddenly realised that I cannot make the kind of work I am not ready to make. I am learning every day. I can see what kind of artist I can be one day, but I am not yet that artist today. Today I create that what is building towards the day that I will be what I hope to be: a truly excellent artist.





“Family”, polaroid, 2013, copyright Edda Grol





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