Whoomp! There it is!



copyright: Edda Grol, 2014, expositie/exhibition 5-27th March/maart 2014, Stadhuis Utrecht/City Hall, Utrecht, Netherlands


Proud! A day of hard work, but it is rea

Proud! A day of hard work, but it is ready for the public! Go see my exhibition: 5-27th of March, Stadhuis Utrecht.

Just 2 days to go!

Tomorrow is the last day to dot the i’s and cross the t’s for the exhibition, opening on Wednesday the 5th of March. So soon already! The last few months flew by.

Because my art today is so different from my art a year ago, I had to go through a lot of changes. With the changes came the insecurities, the impossibility to choose between the average, the interesting, the bad and the excellent. What has potential, what is a dead end? And why? And what is my concept? And do I need a concept?! And if not: is it good enough not to have a concept?

Some weeks ago I became very scared. What was I thinking? Wanting to exhibit completely new work, it would feel so naked! I had made some work, even shown on the invitation, that I completely destroyed, because I knew it wasn’t good enough…

Because of all this I have grown. I suddenly realised that I cannot make the kind of work I am not ready to make. I am learning every day. I can see what kind of artist I can be one day, but I am not yet that artist today. Today I create that what is building towards the day that I will be what I hope to be: a truly excellent artist.





“Family”, polaroid, 2013, copyright Edda Grol




Net de eerste vermelding binnen gekregen

Net de eerste vermelding binnen gekregen van iemand die de uitnodiging heeft ontvangen voor de feestelijke opening van mijn expo! Spannend! Ik had een beperkte mogelijkheid tot uitnodigen, maar ook als je geen uitnodiging hebt gekregen, ben je van harte welkom om te komen kijken naar mijn werk. 5-17 maart in het Stadhuis van Utrecht, 1e verdieping.

And there was colour

Today I started coloring in the drawings for the children’s book. Because I work with acrylic, I don’t use a lot of water, but still I wanted to give the drawings a transparancy, that you often only get with pencils or aquarel/water paint. Also, there is always a possibility of bulbing paper after painting it and the fineliner I used, stains when it comes into contact with water. 

So I was a bit afraid. Cold feet, you could say. What if I painted the whole thing only to discover I could throw my work out?

I started ‘mildly’, making a bit of a colour scheme to use in the drawings. Only a few colours are to be used. Blue, which could be used with a bit of green, and crimson red (a pinkish red), combined with a bit of orange. Yellow was too hard, you can see it on the colour schemes on the pictures. White and black are always optional.

Of course I can make almost every colour with it, but it has to fit in a scheme, you feel is connected to each other. So I will blend every colour with a bit of the other colours. The colour is new, but on the base there was a familiar colour used.


Here you can see the colours I mixed (don’t mind the arrows, just for fun): Afbeelding




Here you can see the result. Halfway and the end. Some of the things stay white on purpose:




The number is three

In the space where I will have my exhibition, there is room for three series of work. One of the three series to exhibit is clear. My artwork for the children’s book, with text and drawings, combined or separate. I know what I want, but not in what form.

The other two are not so easily chosen. Polaroid, yes, but what series? Drawings, yes, but what series?!

So I made more… What else could I do? If I cannot choose, I have to make more to choose from, is my twisted idea. Maybe then it will just come to me and I don’t have to choose at all.

Here are some of the polaroids I made in Barcelona. This is not how they will end up, I made them with a special thing in mind. But that has to wait until the exhibition, sorry 🙂


All the works on this page are made by Edda Grol


When I went to Mongolia, last year, I didn’t fail to visit Yoliin Am, the Valley of the Vultures in the Gobi Desert.

During wintertime, when we were there, the valley is grey and brown, with a frozen river in the middle. During the summer, the valley is green and lush, but the river stays frozen all the time. We walked across the ice to the place where the waterfall, also frozen, came out of the mountain.

What impressed me the most of Mongolia was the emptiness. Of everything, everywhere. Or at least, the emptiness you expirience the first moment. When you look closer, everything is filled with colors, from stone and rock, with sounds of wind or sand brushing against the rocks, with pointy bushes trying to survive in this harsh climate.

Of course I made a lot of photographs, a selection you can see here:

TME 2013 Mongolie

TME 2013 Mongolie

TME 2013 Mongolie

TME 2013 Mongolie

But I want to capture Mongolia in drawings. As you can see in my other work, I love lines. Black and white, simple forms. And Mongolia is about lines, about the horizon, the rocks, the shadows and the ice.

So I made this:

Mongolie 1

Mongolie 2

Mongolie 3

all works and photographs made by Edda Grol, 2013/2014.